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Miscellaneous Mouse Services

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Service Details

Timed pregnancy service is provided to TCP investigators for their experimental studies. Outbred CD-1(ICR) are available. To generate timed pregnant mice, females in estrus are selected and mated, vaginal plugs are checked next morning. Pregnant females are delivered to the investigators' holding rooms or to The Sterile Tissue Harvest Room on the ground floor one day before the required day of gestation for terminal dissections. If required uteri dissection for embryo collection can be provided for extra charge.

Superovulation allows to maximize the number of embryos and to minimize the number of embryo donors. CD-1(ICR) females are hormonally induced to ovulate by intraperitoneal injection of hormones: PMSG (pregnant mare's serum gonadotropin) and hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin). Injected animals are placed with proven breeder CD-1(ICR) males after hCG injection. Mated animals are identified by the presence of a vaginal copulation plug. Plugged embryo donors are used for the collection of pre-implantation mouse embryos and are delivered to The Sterile Tissue Harvest Room to TCP investigators for their experimental studies. TG core staff can provide pre-implantation embryo collection for extra charge.

Pseudopregnant recipients for embryo transfers are prepared by mating CD-1(ICR) females in estrus with individually housed vasectomized CD-1(ICR) males, females are checked for vaginal copulation plugs. Pseudopregnant females at 0.5 day post-coitum are used for embryo transfer into the oviducts and at 2.5 dpc for the transfer into the uterus. Pseudopregnant recipients are provided to the investigators for their experimental studies provided the procedures are listed in the Investigator's valid AUP and delivered to the Surgical Suite on Floor 1 on the required day.

Embryo transfer involves the surgical transfer of embryos into the oviducts or uterus of anesthetized pseudopregnant recipients. Surgeries are performed in the laminar flow hood of the dedicated Surgical Suite.

Service Charges

Service Mount Sinai &
Sick Kids
External Canadian Academic Other External Academic
Timed pregnant naturally mated CD-1(ICR) female (per plugged mouse)* $37.70 $48.19 NA
Superovulated and mated CD-1(ICR) female (per mouse) $29.87 $38.83 NA
Pseudopregnant female (per plugged mouse) $45 $58.92 $72.51
Collection of preimplantation stage embryos (per plug)

$16.48 $21.42 $26.37
Embryo shipment - admin fee (per shipment)

$79.31 $103.10 $126.90
    * Pregnancy cannot be guaranteed; the charge is applied based on the number of plugs provided.

    The fees include:
  • the cost of animals
  • tech time for checking estrus, mating, checking plugs, animal delivery
  • additional services e.g. uteri dissection or embryo collection

How to Order

  1. PI and the lab contact register at TCP LIMS
  2. Submit service request:
    Login to LIMS
    from the top menu go to Service Requests -> Request a TCP Service page , search with Department set to "TCP Transgenic Core and Specialty Resources", then select the appropriate service request


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