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TCP Transgenic Core Service Fees


TCP LIMS account and Submission of a Service Request on TCP LIMS is required prior to the initiation of any service by the TCP Transgenic Core. The invoice is issued on a monthly basis. Additional variable charges not included in the fees below are applied directly to the investigator's account:

  • Animal housing - cage per diem from the embryo transfer surgery onwards
  • Health monitoring
  • Exportation and courier fees as necessary

The TCP Transgenic Core Facility is grateful for generous support provided by Sick Kids Hospital and Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute at Mount Sinai Hospital.

Transgenic Core Service Agreements


Fee structure

Effective April 1, 2013 the service fees for the generation of chimeras, transgenic founders and ES cells manipulations increased by 3%. The service fees for timed pregnancies, weaning and tissue biopsies remained the same.

Service Subsidized Internal Rate
(SLRI Mt. Sinai and SickKids hospitals)
External Canadian Academic Other External Academic
ES Cell Services
Electroporation and isolation of antibiotic-resistant ES cell clones (per attempt - 2 cuvettes/maximum 2x 96 well plates)) $1545 $2009
Expansion of positive clones and new ES cell lines (per clone) $57 $74
Additional vials or cell pellets (per vial) $36 $47
Expansion of 96 well plate in 24 wells if required (per 24 well plate) $206 $268 $330
Expansion of ES cell clone from other facility (per clone) 15% discount for each additional clone from the same source expanded at the same time $309 $402 $494
ESC preparation for aggregation/microinjection (per clone) - includes refreezing $103 $134 $165
Derivation of novel ES cell lines (base fee per attempt)- does not include expansion and cryopreservation $515 $670 $824
Generation of Chimeras
Aggregation with diploid ICR embryos (per attempt) $2204 $2865 $3527
Aggregation with tetraploid ICR or EGFP embryos (per attempt)
$2369 $3080 $3790
C57BL/6 morula microinjection (per attempt) $2204 $2865 $3527
ICR morula microinjection (per attempt) $2204 $2865 $3527
Breeding chimeras for germline (per chimera) - does not include cage per diem, animal purchase and tissue biopsies $52 $68 $83
Pronuclear Microinjection
Pronuclear microinjection into ICR, FVB or B6x B5D2 zygotes (per attempt) $2204 $2865 $3527
BASE fee -Animals housed in TCP (per attempt) $258 $368 $412
BASE fee - Dissected oviducts delivered to TCP (per attempt)
$206 $268 $332
BASE fee -Fresh Embryo shipment (per attempt)
$155 $201 $247
Embryo transfer surgery (first recipient)
$126 $164 $202
Embryo transfer surgery (each additional recipient)
$95 $123 $151
* The Re-derivation fees do not include animal purchase of embryo donors, cage per diem and tissue biopsies
* For details and fees on embryo cryorecovery from SLRI/CMMR archive or other repositories please, see CMMR Services
Miscellaneous Mouse Services
Timed pregnant naturally mated ICR female from holding B (per plug)
$33.70 $43.80 N/A
Timed pregnant naturally mated C57BL/6 female from holding B (per plug)
$76.50 $99.50 N/A
Superovulated and mated ICR female (per mouse)

$29 $38 N/A
Pseudopregnant female (per mouse) $44 $57 N/A
Superovulation and mating - NOT including animal cost (per mouse)

$16 $21 $26
Collection of preimplantation stage embryos (per plug)

$16 $21 $26
Embryo shipment - admin fee (per shipment)

$77 $100 $124/td>


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