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CMHD Phenotyping Services

We have developed, validated, and implemented screening tools for in-depth analysis of the major physiological and neurological systems in the mouse. Our extensive experience and expertise with state-of-the-art equipment has allowed us to cultivate and provide a broad range of physiological and neurobehaviour assays that are available on a fee-for-service basis. Applications of our assays include characterization of mutant mice, validation of drug effect(s), or to produce biologically relevant data in early drug discovery.

Services Available

  • Neurobehaviour Screens
  • Morphology & general behaviour
  • Blood biochemistry
  • Hematology
  • Bone and soft tissue composition
  • X-ray analysis
  • Aortic blood flow velocity
  • Signal averaged ECG
  • Glucose/Insulin tolerance test
  • Urinalysis
  • Saphenous vein blood collection

Submission Procedure

To request a service please contact Ann Flenniken at . Please note that live animal importations into the TCP SPF facility must be pre-approved by the TCP veterinarian. A current health status report of your mice is required and it will take approximately 10 to 14 working days to process. Animals will NOT be accepted without approval.

Academic Fee Schedule

CMHD Administration Fee $50
CMHD Administration / Importation Fee $100
Mouse Handling Fee $4 per mouse
Behavior & Appearance $47 per mouse
Signal Averaged ECG $68 per sample
Aortic Blood Flow Velocity $65 per sample
Hematology $35 per sample
Stained Smear $6 per sample
X-Ray Analysis $68 per sample
Bone & Soft Tissue Analysis $54 per sample
Urinalysis $24 per sample
Glucose/Insulin Tolerance Test    $69 per sample
Blood Collection $21 per sample
Blood Biochemistry see below

† Prices subject to change without notice

Blood Biochemistry Fee Schedule

Blood biochemistry is currently outsourced to a third party. Below is a list of routine chemistries with the price and volume required for each test.

Abbreviation Name Sample Volume (µL) *** Academic Fee Schedule
SEAP** Serum Appearance 7.5 0
ALB ALP 3.5 $29
ALP ALP 8.0 $29
ALT ALT 7.0 $29
AMY Amylase 7.0 $29
AST AST 7.0 $29
BIC Bicarbonate 3.0 $29
BILC Bilirubin (Conjugated) 10.8 $29
BILT Bilirubin (Total) 3.0 $29
CAL Calcium 7.0 $29
CHO Cholesterol 2.0 $29
CK CK 5.0 $29
CRE Creatinine 11.0 $29
GGT GGT 5.0 $29
GLU Glucose 2.0 $29
ISE* ISE Panel 15.0 $29
LDH LDH 5.0 $29
LIP Lipase 2.5 $29
MAG Magnesium 4.0 $29
PHO Phosphorus 4.0 $29
TP Total Protein 4.0 $29
TRI Triglycerides 2.0 $29
URE Urea 3.0 $29
UA Uric Acid 5.0 $29
BAR Bile Acids 5.0 $56
There are established panels of Clinical Chemistry parameters at a reduced cost:
Clinical Chemistry 1 (CC1):
Alanine Aminotransferase, Albumin, Albumin/Globulin Ratio, Alkaline Phosphatase, Bilirubin (Total), Creatinine, Globulin, Glucose, Protein (Total), Urea
Clinical Chemistry 2 (CC2):
Clinical Chemistry 1 plus: Amylase, Chloride, Potassium, Sodium, Sodium/Potassium Ratio
Clinical Chemistry 3 (CC3):
Clinical Chemistry 2 plus: AST, Conjugated Bilirubin, Calcium, Cholesterol, CK, Lipase, Phosphorus
Clinical Chemistry 4 (CC4) (Superchem):
Clinical Chemistry 3 plus: Bicarbonate, GGT, Magnesium, Triglycerides

*ISE Panel includes Sodium, Potassium, Sodium/Potassium Ratio, and Chloride. The tests in the ISE Panel cannot be ordered separately.
**Serum Appearance includes semi-quantitative assessment of Hemolysis, Icterus, and Lipemia.
***In addition to sample volume please add dead volume of 30.0 μL and waste volume of 12.0 μL . Note which volumes are diluted. See below.
† Prices subject to change without notice

General Information
Please keep in mind that volume is a limiting factor. In general a maximum amount of 60 to 100 μ L of plasma can be collected from a healthy adult mouse so not all chemistries can be measured on the same sample. Requests should be made in order of priority. During analysis, the first 12 μ L is discarded to avoid cross-contamination. The requested parameters that require no dilution are then run. At least 30 μ L must remain from which dilutions may be made for certain parameters. Bile Acids and Uric Acid are diluted 5x (10 μ L sample into 40 μ L saline) and enzymes (ALP, ALT, AMY, AST, CK, GGT, LDH, LIP) are diluted 10x (10 μ L sample into 90 μ L saline) before analysis. Should an extreme level be expected for another parameter, a dilution could be requested (please contact us for more information).

Sample Collection
Plasma or serum samples are recommended. In the mouse physiology screening laboratory we typically collect mouse blood aerobically from the saphenous vein and prepare plasma by centrifugation at 12000 rpm for 5 minutes (refer to the Saphenous Vein Blood Collection Protocol). Frozen or fresh (keep on ice or at 4 ° C) samples are acceptable.

Neurobehaviour Screens Fee Schedule

Panel of Primary Screens: Academic Price Per Mouse Per Screen Academic Price Per Mouse Per Panel of 6 Primary Screens (less than 10 mice) Academic Pkg Price Per Mouse Per Panel of 6 Primary Screens (sets of 10 mice)
1) SHIRPA (general health) $47 $354 per mouse $284 per mouse
2) Open field (state anxiety/emotionality) $45
3) Rotarod (motor function) 1 day test $53/$105
4) PPI + ASR (schizophrenia) $82
5) Tail Suspension (depression) $41
6) Fear conditioning (learning and memory) $81
7) Handling Fee per mouse $5
8) Administration Fee per set $100
Other Available Tests:
Sensory functions Tail Flick (pain sensitivity) $36
Hotplate (pain sensitivity) $36
Acoustic Startle Reflex (hearing) $86
Cliff Test (vision) $32
Olfactory Test $45
Motor functions Tremor Test $40
Beam Test $52
Grip Test $34
Catalepsy $30
Foot Pattern $47
Vertical Pole $30
Trait anxiety Cube Test $32
Plus Maze $36
Light-Dark Box $58
Zero Maze $58
Learning & Memory Morris Water Maze $139
T Maze $254
Object Recognition $84
Passive Avoidance $61
Y Maze $54
Depression Sucrose Consumption $54
Porsolt Swim test $42
Social Behaviour Affiliation/Novelty $56
Resident-Intruder $45
Neutral Area $36
Schizophrenia Latent Inhibition $313
T Maze $278



The CMHD requests that the users of our screening service acknowledge the technical assistance of our facility in any presentations or publications that report results generated by our services. A suitable acknowledgement for publications is as follows: 
" The authors would like to acknowledge the Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute's Centre for Modeling Human Disease Mouse Phenotyping Facility for their technical screening services ("

Additionally, please send reprints or information on such publications or presentations when they are available. Such acknowledgements will help promote the use of our service and assist us in obtaining continued financial support to help defray service fees. 

Further Inquiry

Please contact:

Ann Flenniken, PhD, Program Manager
Centre for Modeling Human Disease
Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute
Mount Sinai Hospital at the
Toronto Centre for Phenogenomics
25 Orde St.
Toronto, ON M5T 3H7 Canada


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