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Mouse Imaging Services


The Mouse Imaging Centre (MICe) is not a fee-for-service facility but works through collaborations. The collaboration is initiated through a conversation with one of the centre’s principal investigators. Eventually costs will need to be recovered and for grant planning purposes, the following information is provided.

  • Projects involving MicroCT are available as a fee for service. The normal procedure is for MICe to subsidize the imaging of about four initial specimens. Then a mutual decision is made with the investigator as to whether or not any interesting and novel biology can be revealed with MicroCT. If so, then a price schedule is set up, typically $100 per specimen.
  • We will eventually move to the same model above with MRI. However, because we are still developing many of the imaging techniques, we are using the MRI on a collaborative basis. In other words, in an ideal situation we would like to develop an imaging technique that is publishable and our collaborator would use such a technique towards their own publication. We will eventually move towards 50% collaborative research and 50% fee-for-service. We anticipate this will be in place by the end of 2005.
  • Ultrasound Biomicroscopy is used for cardiac, embryo and cancer studies and is available as fee for service at $100 per study or in some cases on a collaborative basis. A second ultrasound biomicroscope equipped with micro-injector is housed in the Hospital for Sick Children’s animal facility and is accessible only to mice within this facility.
  • Optical Projection Tomography has only limited availability on a collaborative basis.

For further information please contact:

Lynda Cockroft
Mouse Imaging Centre
Hospital for Sick Children
Toronto Centre for Phenogenomics
25 Orde Street
Toronto, Ontario M5T 3H7
Tel: 647-837-5820
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