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Somatic Tissue and Cells Services

Service Details

Somatic tissue can be collected from live mice or submitted as fresh tissue to the CMHD Pathology Core. Tissues or cells will be snap-frozen and archived as requested. Samples are divided and stored at two different sites at -80°C or as otherwise requested to ensure safety of the frozen archive. Storage vessels are under 24-hr surveillance.

Service Charges

Service SickKids TCP Investigators Non-Profit Canadian Institution Non-Profit International Institution
Tissue or Sample Collection and Freeze (per sample)
see CMHD Pathology website
Annual Storage Charge (per 25-vial box per year)) $60 $78 $78 $96
Annual Storage Charge (per 81-vial box per year) $225 $292.50 $292.50 $360
Monthly Storage Charge (per 96-well plate per month) $15 $19.50 $19.50 $24
Annual Storage Charge (per 96-well plate per year) $160 $210 $210 $256

How to Order

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