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The Mouse Imaging Centre (MICe)

The Mouse Imaging Centre (MICe), under the direction of Dr. R. Mark Henkelman, is a unique resource combining the latest state-of-the-art digital imaging technologies for the characterization of mouse models of human disease and phenotype discovery. Our imaging equipment will be able to study the mouse at all stages of life. Most of the studies can be performed in vivo, allowing for time-course studies in individual mice so that researchers can observe development, disease progression, and response(s) to experimental treatment.

Research at MICe involves development of physics and engineering-based imaging techniques to answer biology-based questions. We have a high-field MRI for imaging multiple mice at high resolution, two high-frequency ultrasound biomicroscopes (one for UBM-guided microinjections) and a micro-CT for imaging casted vasculature. Future imaging modalities include optical projection tomography (the light equivalent to x-ray tomography).



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