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The Canadian Mouse Mutant Repository (CMMR)

The CMMR is a Genome-Canada and industry-sponsored (Charles River Canada) program that stores and distributes Canada ’s mutant mouse resource worldwide. The CMMR has established a central repository for the physical archive of cryopreserved ES cells, spermatozoa, ova, embryos, and non-germ cell tissue DNA generated by Canada’s mouse genome effort. The CMMR acts in coordination with other repositories worldwide and is establishing a nation-wide network of “repository nodes” to house sub-sets of the resources generated across Canada.

Depositing investigators and clients from the academic and private sector have all the advantages of the CMHD and the Mouse Imaging Centre's comprehensive phenotyping services prior to, or in parallel with cryopreservation, and each participating investigator has their mutant’s pathogenomic data available through the CMMR’s web-accessible database. All these mutants are available on request on a fee-for-acquisition basis, according to the access privileges set by the depositing investigator. The CMMR has developed and supports protocols for the recovery and shipping of frozen samples (germ cells, embryos, or somatic tissue) or the delivery on request of a limited number of live animals, recovered from the archive when no IVF or embryo transfer expertise is available at the requesting site. The CMMR also makes its non-germ cell tissue archive of fixed, embedded, and glass-slide-mounted tissue available for downstream in vitro assays and analyses.


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